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How the credit redemption works without supporting documents | Loan consolidation

It is conceivable to make a credit redemption without offering proof of income or use. But this can only be done under certain conditions.

The operation of the repurchase of credit

The operation of the repurchase of credit

Credit redemption consists of consolidating your debts with a single lending organization in order to have only one credit with a single monthly payment.

When you submit your credits for redemption, a financial institution will reimburse them for you and it will become your new and unique creditor. The credit redemption is an interesting credit repayment alternative as you have several outstanding credits and you are having trouble paying for them.

The interest is that you will have more ease and will have more time to return a single loan. However, it must be assessed whether the redemption of credit also offers economic benefits because the costs of the procedure as well as the applied interest rate may increase the total cost of the redemption.

This provision should be taken as a last resort or if it allows you to save on your credit spending and build up savings. Otherwise, it would be better to consider simpler measures such as the sale of property, the exercise of additional income-generating activities, borrowing from friends and family, or the request for a personal loan.

The repurchase of credit without proof of income

Making a credit redemption without proof of income is possible when this procedure remains the only solution to avoid over-indebtedness. To do this, you can call a broker.

By acting without the support of a professional, you will have little chance of convincing the repurchase institutions (unless you have an exemplary credit history.)

Loan buyback without proof of use

Loan buyback without proof of use

Getting a buy back credit without proof of use is not impossible but difficult. In most cases, banks prefer to know the purpose of the redemption request. People using loan consolidation are often borrowers in difficulty repayment, hence the reluctance of banks to accept these requests.

If possible, it would always be preferable to produce proof to benefit from a lower interest rate. Otherwise, it is also feasible to look for loans between individuals to consolidate debts.

Make a credit redemption without bank proof

Make a <a href=credit redemption without bank proof” />

To make a credit redemption without a bank account, you can and must start by simulating your online credit redemption. Online simulation tools are simple to use, fast, free and without commitment.

You will only have to enter your personal and financial data without sending any documents. By simulating your credit, you will have a rough idea of ​​the total cost of your credit surrender as well as a list of the most competitive repurchase companies. It is only advisable to give true, accurate and up-to-date information for the best results.

Make a credit redemption without a proof online

Make a credit redemption without a proof online

This procedure is possible and fast but you will still need to provide your proof of income: RIB, pay slips, income tax returns, etc. You will also be required to give all documents regarding your previous credits.

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